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PostHeaderIcon PPC Traffic: Quality Trumps Quantity

Richard Stokes, the founder and CEO of Adgooroo, recently published a book on running an effective PPC campaign. Stokes published some very insightful tips, but he made one statement that could be misleading. Stokes stated that 99% of PPC advertisers are failing, because 1% of the companies gain 80% of the traffic.

PostHeaderIcon How is Social Media Transforming the Hotel Industry?

Social media has transformed many industries over the last decade. The hotel industry is trying to understand the role social networking sites play and how they can use them to better engage with their audiences. Here are some ways that social media is impacting the travel industry.

PostHeaderIcon Reasons Your Affiliate Landing Page Conversions are Low

Most newbie affiliate marketers have a difficult time making sales. One of their biggest challenges is creating landing pages that convert well. Here are some reasons your landing pages may not be converting as well as you would like. You can address these problems to boost your sales.