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PostHeaderIcon 5 of this Week’s Best Internet Marketing Posts!

I had the pleasure of looking at some really cool posts this week. Why not check out some great tips as you start building your online business?

The Secret to Making Your Writing Stand Out Online

Logan Marshall of the Free Life Project just did a guest post at Young Pre Pro. Logan gave a detailed overview of storytelling and how effectively it can be for online writing. Storytelling can be a great way to engage your writer. Logan even said that it crucial and can be a deciding factor. I agree with him that it can be both points.

 Social Sharing Buttons Are The New Comments

Morgan  at Sociable Boost created this cool post detailing how social sharing buttons are becoming a bigger indication of a blog’s community presence than comment streams are. I totally agree with her. However, I hope that we don’t see the day that comments disappear completely. I find the comments are the best part of some articles. Nonetheless, I agree with Morgan’s points, especially that the best way to show that your article has authority is to make sure it is well shared. Sharing buttons are essential to making that happen.

 How to Source and Host a Guest Post Series

Blogging legend Darren Rowse just shared a really awesome post on how you can create a guest blogging series on your blog. This is a really great way to generate worthy content and I found the recent series Darren’s guests wrote on generating more comments was pretty sweet! They certainly seem effective. I am proud to have published my first guest post from Michael Chibuzor from Blast 4 Traffic. Someday I hope to launch a guest post series like Darren discusses here as well!

How to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest

Dan Zarella just created an awesome post on the different ways you can bring in more shares with Pinterest. I have yet to try Pinterest because it doesn’t fit my core demographic. However, I think I will need to get into it soon. Dan Zarella is definitely someone to listen to and he had some great tips.

 4 Search Engine Optimization Tricks That Can Destroy Your Business

Michael also wrote a post on his own blog that I thought was definitely worth sharing. He talked about a variety of SEO tricks that can undermine your business model. I wrote a similar post for Michele Welch at New Biz Blogger about a year ago and a similar note on my own site, but Michael added a few additional tips I didn’t think to mention at the time. Remember, you don’t want to do SEO at the expense of your business.

I suggest you take the time to read these posts and thank all these great entrepreneurs for sharing such awesome tips! Have a good weekend!

Kalen Smith is the Founder of Online Rookies and Engineer-a-Business. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering and an MBA. However, his true passion has always been IT and Internet marketing. You can find him on Twitter at Engineerbiz.

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