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PostHeaderIcon Six Steps To Earn Six-Figures From Blogging

The following is the first guest post I have ever published on Online Rookies. This post was submitted to me by Michael Chibuzor of Blast 4 Traffic. Michael provides some ideas on how bloggers can make six figures with their craft. Thank you for the great tips Michael!

Can you earn $100,000 annually from blogging?

Absolutely, you can. It’s not going to happen overnight, and there is no shortcut to make money online. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re, provided it has an active readership-base, you could easily leverage on existing tools to profit massively.

I’m not going to bore you with marketing hype and exaggerate on what’s not obtainable; rather, this post is a light to lead your journey seamlessly.

I looked at various business models around, and resolved that blogging is the best, legitimate and proven way to earn extra income on the internet. Anyone can get started, with less than $50 for domain name registration and web hosting, you’re good to go.

And if you already have a thriving blog and wants to make six-figures from it, here are steps to make it happen:

  1. 1.    Believe You Can

Grossing $100,000 in 12 months is a big goal and if you must achieve that, total believe in your abilities is crucial. A lot of bloggers still doubt their inner strength to embark on a profitable project and succeed. I think one of the reasons is the experiences of the past.

Every successful blogger I know today, have failed at some point in her life. But some people take this personal – failure isn’t an excuse not to move ahead and do something worthwhile. You’ve got to get started; pick up the pieces of failure and get back on track.

Your blog might be new, intermediate or aged, it doesn’t matter at this point, but the ‘belief’ you hold inside carries a greater weight.

  1. 2.    Pick A Proven Business Model

A lot of bloggers are on the verge of giving up and go back to an offline business, because no money is coming forth. Truth is, “you cannot generate significant income from your blog all by itself. There should be well-planned business model which would act as the base for money making.

I’m yet to see any successful blogger who makes money blogging, without having plans and offers in place. When I talk about proven business model, it means you should choose a profitable affiliate offer, or a service to render.

One of the proven business models for bloggers is freelancing. It’s the quickest way to monetize blog’s traffic, earn extra income and move closer to earning six-figures annually.

The rest of the steps will focus on Freelancing as the best system to earn six-figures from blogging. Read on…

  1. 3.    Start A Freelance Business

Getting started as a freelancer is easy if you run a blog. Those bloggers who smile to the bank every month with huge paychecks have mastered one form of skill and the other. This, they render to a targeted audience, thereby, earning from it.

What special skill do you’ve which can be turned into a profitable venture? Can you write readable articles, it doesn’t have to be perfect English or win a Pulitzer Prize, but can it solve a problem, help someone become better and add strong benefit to her life?

That’s what makes for a perfect freelance writing. Aside this, are you good with graphic designs and T-Shirt branding? A great source of income for bloggers and social media marketers is the T-Shirt branding business model, the profit margin is exceptional good and competition is still very low.

When you decide on the freelance service you want to render, it’s time to move on with marketing. Are you ready?

  1. 4.    Market Your Expertise

I told you earlier this journey is hard work and dedication. Marketing is the most delicate aspect, and it determines how much you earn. A lot of bloggers do not approach marketing with both arms, they do it with half-baked minds, which is why we hear all the complaints that clients are not coming forth.

I strongly believe that spending more time marketing would yield better results for freelancers. It doesn’t matter what services you render, there are potential customers who can pay handsomely for it.

But you need to find them. They might not come to your blog willingly, in fact, they won’t. It’s your duty to attract them – write quality guest post and get featured on A-list blogs. Become active on niche discussion boards and eventually, the high paying clients would come your way.

  1. 5.    Increase Your Value

Do you wonder how successful freelancers make it to the top? There is no magic bullet anywhere, they simply increased their value. What does it mean?

As a freelance writer, if you’ve been writing 500 – 600 words article for a $20, why not increase the quality of your articles, thoroughly research your topic and churn out 900 – 2000 words article.

Clients are looking for freelancers who can go the extra mile to meet their needs. Such lengthy articles could earn $50 – $100/post, instead of the peanuts you were paid earlier. The way to increase value is to study successful freelancers in your niche, and find out how exceptional their services are.

Interestingly, if you can add search engine optimization skills to your freelance arsenal, you would earn more money from current clients. Clients are desperate to drive targeted prospects to their websites and blogs. And they prefer organic traffic, because, it’s more targeted, could generate more sales and it is consistent once you make it to Google homepage.

  1. 6.    Outsource To Produce More

Do you outsource tasks which tend to slow you down?

Outsourcing is the best way to concentrate on things you can do well. For instance, if you’re not good at niche research and article writing, you could outsource these tasks to freelance writers.

When this is done, you’ll then focus on things that are ‘second-nature’ to you. I found out a few months ago that keyword research isn’t my meat, and so, I went to Odesk, found a good keyword-researcher and paid for his services.

But I enjoy writing and it flows naturally from me. So, if writing can generate more money for me, and get me closer to earning six-figures in 12 months, I would rather outsource keyword research and every other task to capable hands.

If you could only outsource, I’m confident your earnings would increase by 85%, if you do the tasks you’ve flair for.

Six-figure Takeaway

A decision to earn six-figures from blogging isn’t a bad one, but getting to work is often the difficult part. If you can follow these simple steps, $100,000 is possible in 12 months or thereabout.

It’s time to get to work; nothing comes easy including six-figures from blogging. Remember, blogging itself will not make you money, but the business model you choose (freelancing) would!

Take action today and share your success story. See you ahead!

About The Author:

Michael Chibuzor is a creative Freelance Writer and the editor of SEO content writing blog. If you’re looking to grow your business, generate better leads and improve sales, hire Michael to write quality and persuasive contents for you.

Kalen Smith is the Founder of Online Rookies and Engineer-a-Business. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering and an MBA. However, his true passion has always been IT and Internet marketing. You can find him on Twitter at Engineerbiz.

4 Responses to “Six Steps To Earn Six-Figures From Blogging”

  • Steven says:

    Freelancing and blogging about the same topic really can bring you to six figure income. As your service will promote your blog and blog will promote your service. This is one of the best combinations you can have.

  • Raj says:

    hey! kalen

    thanks for this wonderful article, i thought adsense and affilaite marketing are the main source of earning from blog… I was knowing that freelancing could be done via blog to earn a little extra. But you told the exact way how it can help in generating 6 fig.

    • Kalen Smith says:

      Thanks for the feedback Raj! Yeah Adsense and affiliate marketing can be great ways to make money, but they also take a lot of time. You can make money faster with freelancing. I do freelancing and then gradually transition to other sources of income later so I can at least pay the bills at first. Glad oyu stopped by!

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