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PostHeaderIcon Some of This Week’s Coolest LinkBuilding Resources

Google is going to be implementing its new algorithm change soon. I don’t know if that is going to be a huge deal or not, but I think it is way better to be safe than sorry. Lots of marketers are already coming up with new linkbuilding strategies to stay ahead of the pack.

Here is the lowdown on some of the new linkbuilding articles you can use to stay on the Panda’s good side.

Using Passive Link Building to Build Links with No Budget

Craig Bradford posted some really cool ideas on SEOMoz about how to work with others to get some good links and content. One of his biggest suggestions is to accept guest posts on your own blog. I personally just opened up my site to guest posts and am reviewing my first guest post tonight.

15 Best Linkbuilding Tools

Sujan Patel showed some really great tools on this site you can consider to do linkbuilding with. These tools include Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer and a host of others that would give you some great tools to help you do some linkbuilding prospecting. These were all some really good tools, but one that I think he could have added would have been Citation Labs Link Prospector. I just started using this tool recently and found it is really cool. I have the privilege of not getting to use it on someone else’s dime though, so don’t know if it is worth the cost or not. Anyways, Sujan had some really awesome tips here.

Link Building Tip: Make More Fools Days

Kate has some great tips on linkbuilding tips that center around relationship building and great content. I think great linkbaiting strategies are one of the coolest ways to get great links and powerful social media traffic. Makes sense, but how do you run an awesome linkbuilding campaign? Kate says you should think outside the box. Those are words every Internet marketer should always live by and linkbuilding is no exception.

 Link Building Beyond SEO РWhat it Really Means for Your Business

I began writing this article to see how people were expecting link building to change with Google’s algorithm. Todd McDonald’s post hit the nail on the head. Todd said that linkbuilding is all about creating awesome relationships. He also said that tactical linkbuilding is slowly dying out. Although it still works, you are going to need to focus on link building to cultivate relationships with people who are going to really do something for your business rather than focusing purely on links for SEO purposes. Great article!

 30 Link Building Experts You Need to Follow

Jon Cooper shares some really good tips on some awesome link building experts you should be following on Twitter. Take a look at these experts and follow their link building advice. Will Reynolds, Justin Briggs and Debra Mastaler are some of the big names Jon throws out there. Seems like some pretty cool stuff to me.

I really enjoyed reading all of these resources and got some great tips out of them all. I intend to share some of these other tips again in the future.

Do yo have any cool linkbuilding tips you’d like to share?

Kalen Smith is the Founder of Online Rookies and Engineer-a-Business. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering and an MBA. However, his true passion has always been IT and Internet marketing. You can find him on Twitter at Engineerbiz.

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