Social media is a revolutionary tool anyone can use to market their business. Sadly, most businesses don’t have a clue how to use it effectively.

Well that sucks. That means only Mark Zuckerberg and tech geniuses can use it right? You need to hire a self-proclaimed “guru” to plan your social media campaign, right? NO!

Why Businesses Don’t Use Social Media (And Why You Should)

Most businesses don’t use social media for one of two reasons:

  1. They don’t think they can spare a half hour a day connecting with their customers (even if they can waste hours on useless networking events).
  2. They think social media is too technical.
This is why many businesses waste hundreds of dollars a month paying a social media consultant. Here’s a story about one of these “experts.” They convinced a Fortune 500 company to hire them for $150,000. What did this so called expert do? The same things an unpaid college intern would have done for free.
Manage Your Own Social Media Campaign
Manage your social media campaign yourself instead of hiring an idiot or scam artist. You know your customers and can connect with them better than anyone else. Why not handle your own social media campaign?
Create your own social media plan that will help you build relationships with customers and grow your business. One of my buddies John has written a great ebook that will teach you everything you need to grow your business through social media. I suggest you check it out if you need a little guidance.

Why Many Plans Don’t Work

You don’t have to be a tech geek to take use social media to grow your business. You just need to a solid game plan.

The best way  to know what social media marketing tactics work is to know which ones don’t. Here are the 5 reasons most social media marketing strategies fail:

  1. Your strategy doesn’t exist.
  2. It doesn’t match your goals.
  3. You don’t use it consistently.
  4. It doesn’t create relationships with your customers.
  5. You aren’t measuring your ROI.

Create a Winning Social Media Strategy!

Don’t waste your time making random posts to Facebook and Twitter. You need to have a plan of action. You need a purpose.

Donald Trump says “the key to success is knowing everything you can about what you do.” These three steps can help you give you build your social media strategy:
  1. Research your market.
  2. Decide what they want.
  3. Give it to them.
You follow these steps everyday. Adapt them for social media.
The Heart of Your Social Media Plan
So what makes a winning strategy? A plan that focuses on connecting your customers to help them reach your goal (which is usually encouraging them to buy your goods or services).
And how do you do that? By making them happy.
 Here’s a quote from business guru Michael LaBeof you should live by:
“A satisfied customer is the greatest strategy of all.”
You apply this principle when running your business every day. Understand how it works with social media.
The entire point of running a business is to build a rapport with your customers. Don’t clutter your social media accounts with garbage. Engage your followers. Connect with them. Gain their trust and earn their respect.
What Do You Give Your Customers?
I have read hundreds of tips on how to use social media to connect with customers. Almost every one of them revolves around a key philosophy: Give them something useful for free.
Customers will follow you if you share something useful. You will lose your followers if  advertisement that runs 24-7. Give them awesome content, essential tips or free vouchers. Show that you care about them and they will return that love by endorsing your business. Build a strategy that focuses on giving before you receive anything. Don’t use your social media profiles to run advertisements. Those went out of style last century.
One last point: make sure your plan actually works. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they fail to measure if they are receiving a real return on their investment. Measuring your ROI is subjective and difficult. Look at this infographic to learn how to measure the success of your strategy and fine-tune it for better results.

Implement Your Social Strategy Today!

Social media is one of the forms of marketing with the highest returns on your investment. Unfortunately, you won’t make a cent off of it if you don’t take the time to structure a solid strategy that contributes to your goals. Know what you want and how to get it. If you use it consistently then it will probably pay off very well in the long run.